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THE ENVY.. NEITHER WAKE UP, NOR FEEL IT NARLY MAHECHA Psicóloga ClinicaColumnista Envidia… Ese sentimiento tan antiguo como el hombre mismo, llamado pecado capital y protagonista en muchísimos acontecimientos desde históricos, anecdóticos, bíblicos, relatos mitológicos, hasta en eventos cotidianos y en sucesos noticiosos de nuestro diario vivir. Envy……


Originalmente publicado en LA AGENCIA MUNDIAL DE PRENSA :
THE GREAT CHALLENGE OF IT MARKET ORGANIZATIONS: THE MILLENNIAL GENERATION Noris Quinto Prensa Especializada Ellos hablan, sienten, vibran y palpitan solo tecnología; indiscutiblemente su ADN, está regido e influenciado por ello. They speak, feel, vibrate and pulse only technology; indisputably his DNA, is governed and influenced by…


THE FEMALE CREED Maticemos nuestro dia a dia con algo de buen humor (será?) Señor, Te damos Gracias porque:  Somos perfectas…!! *Porque no nos quedamos calvas, *Festejamos un Día internacional y otro Nacional  ,*Nos podemos sentar de piernas cruzadas sin dolor,*Podemos usar tanto color rosado COMO Azul, *Siempre sabemos que nuestro hijo es nuestro,*Tenemos prioridad… Leer más **EL CREDO FEMENINO**


Mental and Emotional fatigue is a state of chronic physical and psychological exhaustion, many times it is the result of excessive personal demands and ongoing mental stress. It is the feeling of being emotionally exhausted and exhausted by the situations around us. It is usually the result of an overload of stressful events such as the breakdown of a relationship, the death of a loved one, fear, unsuccessful job search, lack of money, therefore and definitely when we feel that we do not have enough capacity to face the day to day on a psychological level, which are producing a feeling of exhaustion. This emotional overload definitely occurs in the face of major life changes, unresolved problems, or situations in which we are overwhelmed.… Leer más CANSANCIO MENTAL Y EMOCIONAL


The word FOCUS, refers to the action and consequence of focusing, that is to say, FOCUS as I conceive it is a personal skill that differentiates those who develop it from those who do not, therefore, it is the basic thing to achieve a development that leads us to success. This means directing our full attention to one issue, clues to achieve a goal, problem or goal in order to solve it accurately. Therefore the approach is the point of view taken when conducting an analysis, research, or theorizing etc. … Therefore, knowing how to be focused is one of the most important skills that we must acquire because everything that happens to us will have to do with what we have focused on.… Leer más EL ENFOQUE


Assertiveness sounds like a novelty but it really isn’t. Today, it has a very modern and dynamic approach, Being a social skill that is worked from within each one and that well worked this «behavior», it can become a personal quality that will allow us to express ourselves consciously, clearly, directly, honestly and sincerely always saying what you want to say, without belittling your worth or hurting feelings or hurting others. Denoting self-confidence and self-affirmation instead of doing it from limiting emotions such as anger, rage, pain, etc.… Leer más LA ASERTIVIDAD I


Publicado originalmente en el año 2012 actualizado y editado a la fecha Decididas, valientes, cibernéticas, sexys, inteligentes, divertidas, modernas, cariñosas, comprensivas, empáticas, resilientes y muy preparadas. Así somos y debemos ser las de hoy, las mujeres del futuro y es que «EL EXITO ESTA EN NUESTRAS MANOS» y no exagero… Además somos: EMPRENDEDORAS, SOFISTICADAS, TECNOLOGICAS,… Leer más LAS MUJERES DEL FUTURO SOMOS LAS DE HOY


El maltrato psicológico y emocional, es lo más tóxico de las relaciones a evitar porque su cura no es de dos días y no es una tarea sencilla a pesar de estar en manos ya de especialistas, hablamos de buen tiempo muy a pesar de haber existido el maltrato físico. Hablamos de un maltrato sutil que va destruyendo el autoestima de a pocos…. anidando en la persona que lo padece como culpable o merecedora de lo que le pasa. Además de, progresivamente, esta o este se aísla de su entorno social y afectivo ya que el maltratador/a lo que busca y logra es cegarte. En principio si te encuentras en una situación así o sabes de alguien que pueda estarlo evitar aislarte es lo primero, contar con apoyos ajenos a la relación, aunque por el momento no pueda abandonarla. Psychological and emotional abuse is the most toxic of relationships to avoid because its cure is not two days and it is not an easy task despite being in the hands of specialists, we are talking about good weather despite having existed the physical abuse. We are talking about a subtle mistreatment that destroys the self-esteem little by little … nesting in the person who suffers it as guilty or deserving of what happens to him. In addition to, progressively, this or this is isolated from their social and affective environment since the abuser / what he / she seeks and achieves is to blind you. In principle, if you find yourself in a situation like this or you know of someone who may be, avoid isolating yourself is the first thing, having support outside the relationship, although for the moment you cannot leave it. … Leer más LAS RELACIONES TÓXICAS III


Evitar que estas personas «tóxicas» tomen el control de tu vida. Estas personas tienden a tener un fuerte control sobre ti y pueden hacer que hagas cosas de las que te arrepentirás más tarde. A menudo buscan tu simpatía, tu empatía, que lentamente se convierte en toma de decisiones. Esperan que tomes el control de su vida o tomes decisiones para ellos cuando tienen dudas. Es bueno ayudar de vez en cuando, pero no hacerlo un HABITO ni mucho menos involucrarte en decisiones personales que puedan afectar negativamente tu vida en el futuro. Prevent these «toxic» people from taking control of your life. These people tend to have a strong grip on you and can make you do things that you will regret later. They often seek your sympathy, your empathy, which slowly turns into decision making. They expect you to take control of their life or make decisions for them when they have doubts. It is good to help from time to time, but not to make it a HABIT, much less get involved in personal decisions that may negatively affect your life in the future.… Leer más LAS RELACIONES TÓXICAS II


For your mental health it is better that you have it at bay. This type of person who may at first appear to you as a bouquet of flowers all cute and cuddly or mimosine, however as soon as they have you in their hands they will take out their claws. Normally they tend to be manipulative, suffocating and are in the search to control your life, to get away from your family and your friends to be your center, your world, your everything.… Leer más LAS RELACIONES TOXICAS


Psychological or emotional toxicity is talking about those people who, like another class of toxins, damage your health. Just as there are toxic foods, there are also toxic people, so many of the illnesses that are suffered or could be suffered are the consequence of an unbalanced emotional level. In other words, a toxic person is one who, in the interpersonal relationship, wears out, intimidates, blames, ignores the other, therefore it is someone who directly and negatively affects those closest to him due, among other aspects, to his egocentric and narcissistic personality. A toxic person has typical egocentric patterns, such as, for example, being generally not very empathetic in relation to what others think, so it is clear that toxic behavior extends in almost any setting in our society.… Leer más LA TOXICIDAD PSICOLOGICA


Knowledge Management is a process in which knowledge is transferred from one person or from a group of people to another or to a group of people, therefore it is broadly defined as a set of activities and processes that strengthen the exchange of information and expertise within an organization or group of professionals, in order to improve the performance of the organization or the results of a project.… Leer más LA GESTIÓN DEL CONOCIMIENTO